Top Moments from the Republican National Convention

This year’s Republican National Convention looked different, not only because of the lack of a responsive crowd. Featuring “everyday” Americans, honest stories were shared, frequently outshining the polished politicians' speeches.

You should know about these everyday Americans. Each speech is only 4–11 minutes long and gets right to the core of the importance of freedom and liberty. Listen to these stories and the contrast between Republicans and Democrats will become clearer and clearer.

Ann Dorn: widowed by the St. Louis mob
Ann Dorn recounts losing her husband David, a retired police officer, as he tried to save a friend’s business from looters earlier this summer when St. Louis exploded in riots and mob violence. Watch here.
Maximo Alvarez: fugitive from communism
Maximo Alverez is a businessman from Florida. He recounts his family fleeing from totalitarianism and communism twice––first from Spain, next from Cuba. Maximo celebrates the thankfulness and gratitude he has for living in America. Watch here.
Nicholas Sandmann: who refused to be canceled
Nicholas is the Covington Catholic High School who unfortunately went viral for “smirking” at protestors while he attended the annual March For Life rally in Washington, D.C. Nicholas, who recently won a defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post, talks about “cancel culture” and media bias. Watch here.
Tim Scott: desire for public service
Tim Scott, Senator from South Carolina, recounts his life story and support for bread and butter Republican issues: economic development, school choice, tax reform. Senator Scott offers a strong contrast between President Trump’s time and office and Joe Biden’s record. Watch here.
Honorable mentions
Parents of Kayla Mueller, taken hostage and killed by ISIS; Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron on anarchy; Maine lobsterman Jason Joyce; South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem on the founding principles of America; Democratic Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones on freedom of thought; and, to really get fired up, UFC President Dana White on why we need President Trump’s leadership. Last, but not least: the fireworks show over the Washington Monument.