Promises Kept Tour
Promises Kept Tour
Promises Kept Tour

Promises Kept Tour

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A concert lineup tee, but with President Donald Trump's accomplishments during his first term instead of bands. Full line-up of accomplishments listed below. 

Casual shirt with elegant vibe
Supreme soft tri-blend fabric - (50% Polyester, 25% Soft Cotton, 25% Rayon)
Regular/Slim Fit
Survives and thrives normal wear, wash, and dry

President Trump's Accomplishments:
  • Historic Tax Cuts
  • Pro-Life Policies 
  • Strong Military
  • Two SCOTUS Justices
  • Start Border Wall
  • Destroy ISIS
  • New USMCA Trade Deal
  • Slash Regulations
  • End DACA
  • Welfare Work Requirements 
  • Move Embassy to Jerusalem
  • 3.9 Million Off Food Stamps
  • 170+ Federal Judges Confirmed
  • Highest Middle Class Income
  • 49-year Low Unemployment 
  • Left Iran Deal
  • Establish Space Force
  • Confront China
  • Government Official Lobbying Ban
  • World Leader Oil Producer
  • Combat Opioid Epidemic
  • "Right to Try" Laws
  • Wage Growth
  • First Step Act
  • High Small Business Optimism 
  • Raise Military Pay
  • Cut Obamacare Individual Mandate Penalty
  • Net Natural Gas Exporter
  • Pro-U.S. Tariffs 
  • Veterans Affairs Accountability 
  • Strengthen NATO